Monday, January 19, 2009

And now for something completely different

My friend Jeff brought me a book on tibetan painting, which he purchased while traveling in Nepal. It described all the techniques required to paint in this style, and had many templates for backgrounds and foregrounds. After months of gazing longingly at the book and planning my first piece, I finally settled down to it yesterday.
The book advised starting with a simple seated buddha--and I picked my favorite background elements, throne and halo design and started tracing/drawing. I made things a little harder on myself by putting it on such a small medium (8x8"), it meant that I couldn't paint black lines but had to ink them. This is what it looked like at about 5pm yesterday:This is just ink on wood. As of 11:30 Today, I have painted the throne, landscape and halo, and re-inked most of it. I am about to start on the Buddha.