Saturday, May 26, 2007

Eyes heart spring...

Its visitor season again, and my college friend Robert just returned to Minneapolis after a delightful week-long visit to Portland. I admit, my bee is arrested in the inchoate stage and I have done no work on him/it. (I also admit that I openly discriminate against haploid individuals. I would caution you not to inform the bee but--come on, he's haploid..) I have been busy with traveling, packing, entertaining and a nasty flu. Its been more than a year since I was sick with a traditional ailment and I confess there's something comforting about being sick and knowing there's no danger of it spiraling into something uncontrollable, losing 30 pounds and my sanity in the process. Health is so precious and tenuous and moments like this one make me cherish it even more. So now seemed a perfect time to share a few photos taken on my various spring adventures.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Sheep are Sheep

This stately dame is 2nd in my series of 26. Please, suggest other animals before it's too late. My tentative list, so far:
Bee (green sweat-In progress)
Dik Dik
Echidna (Eel?)
Jay (Completed)
Kangaroo Rat
Sheep (Completed)
T (Tapir?)
U (Anyone?)
Xenopeltis Unicolor (Sunbeam snake)
Yakare Caiman
Zebra finch

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Forgotten Souls...

I just took down that show in Hillsboro. I didn't sell anything, but all my business cards disappeared and many nibbled at the 3-piece tree. I forgot to post these two paintings when I completed them at the end of February. In fact, I had forgotten painting the butterfly at all. The one on the left is entitled "blood and lust"--I was trying to put those two things on the wood and do something abstract for a change. Both are quite small (4x4"), my attempt at marketing as I heard that "Small is the new big". The butterfly looks sinister even though I made an attempt at cuteness (again). Why does this always happen?